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Texas Auto Auctions in Abilene, Dallas, Longview, and Waco

Alliance Auto Auction is a rapidly growing family of auto auctions providing vehicle remarketing services to wholesale dealers. Founded in Texas in 2011, the Alliance mission is to establish personal and trusted relationships with all customers. Alliance’s reputation for “Customer Service to the Extreme” is igniting the company’s expansion into new markets – Abilene, Dallas, Longview, and Waco.

JOIN THE ALLIANCE and you get fun, friendly people who exceed customer expectations every day, in every auction, one customer at a time, by providing quality inventory, a competitive market, and superior service.

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St. Patrick's Day promo

Alliance Waco

March Mania in Longview

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March Mania

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4th Anniversary La Grande Fiesta

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Detail Services

  • Wash and Vacuum

    full wash, vac, windows and dress

  • Full Detail

    complete detail, including engine

Internet Purchase Promo

  • 7 day $95 for Green light units under 125,000 miles

Pre Sale Inspection

  • Buy with Confidence!

    Extensive in-house inspection process with Alliance’s trained speciallists.

Car Spotting

  • Online Customers Only

    Need more information about our inventory before bidding online? Contact us to get your questions answered – at no cost to you!

Post Sale Inspections

  • Frame Only (7 Day)

    Any unit running under any combination of lights except Red and Yellow together

  • Drive Train Only (3 Day)

    Any unit running under Green Light with 125,000 + miles or 10 years and older

  • Mech/Frame (3, 7, 14 Day)

    Any unit running under Green Light with under 125k miles or less than 10 years old

  • 22 Caliber Protection

    ** Coming Soon **

Floor Planning Available

Auction Credit
Automotive Finance Corporation
Car Bucks Floorplan
Car Financial Services
Dealers Credit Express
Floorplan Xpress
Ford Credit
Honda Financial Services
Hyundai Financial Services
Mitsubishi Motors Credit
Nextgear Capital
Nissan Financial Services
Vehicle Acceptance Corporation
Westlake Flooring Services